Who We Are

Our Mission

The La Rosa Foundation is a nonprofit organization created to enhance the lives in our local, national, and global communities.  

Our foundation is committed to creating positive change in the lives of those facing challenging times. As an organization, we are passionate about lifting others up and putting Live to Give at the forefront of all of our decisions.  We understand life’s various obstacles and want to be there to serve our community. Our generous donors and selfless volunteers are compelled to make a difference by contributing wholeheartedly to those who are in need.

Board of Trustees

Mrs. Deana La Rosa, President

Mr. Joseph La Rosa, Vice President

Mrs. Laverne Beauchamp-Grajales, Treasurer

Miss. Jaime Kaplan-Perico, Secretary

Mr. Charles Gracy

Mr. Wendell Philp

Mrs. Stacy Burgess

Mrs. Leslie Campbell