The Board of Trustees

President – Deana La Rosa

Deana is a wife, mother, entrepreneur, best selling author, and philanthropist who takes pride in all of her endeavors. Deana has a knack for connections and relationship building and enjoys guiding others to achieve success in both their personal and professional lives. Although Deana is proud of her professional victories, she has learned that family, dedication, and community are the greatest measures of success. Deana is passionate about supporting children’s futures by protecting and mentoring them. Deana has been heavily involved with various organizations such as Housing4All, The Boys & Girls Club, and even helped raise $100k as Co-Chair for the American Cancer Society. Deana fully believes and commits her life to the mission: Live to Give.

Vice President – Joe La Rosa

Joe is best known for his expertise of the real estate market but his real passion is providing for his community. He loves coaching his kids on and off the field, hosting teen summits to discuss important topics such as mindset, planning for the future, and how to make a positive impact in the community, and having his realtors come together to donate food for the annual Basket Brigade. The La Rosas have donated funds to develop the beautiful football field at Celebration High School. When Joe isn’t motivating his team, lending a hand in the community, he is with Deana and their five kids.

Treasurer – Laverne Beauchamp-Grajales

Laverne is currently employed at La Rosa Realty, LLC. as Vice President of Operations. During her time with La Rosa Realty, LLC she led a major role in recruiting and growing the company from 500 agents to over 2000 agents and over 23 offices. Laverne has spent over 20 years in Operations, Management and Early Childhood Education, where a deep passion for connection and development of people was created. Laverne enjoys to read, volunteer in community outreach and date her husband of 25 years, Abraham. Together they have three children and three dogs, who all reside in Central Florida.  

Secretary – Jaime Kaplan-Perico

Jaime has been volunteering in her community ever since she can remember. Her earliest memories are making chocolate with women with Down’s syndrome and bringing Christmas presents to children through Cancer Care. Since then Jaime has been involved with Best Buddies an organization that integrates children with intellectual and developmental disabilities with their main-stream peers and volunteering her time to get students ready to apply for college. As a proud alum of the University of Florida, Jaime is working on scholarships to provide funding to students who wish to study abroad. Her agency, The Eiffel Agency also donates hours of branding and marketing assistance to non-profits. Jaime is a world traveler having visited over 55 countries.

Wendell Philp

Born in Bermuda and having spent much of his childhood in Kingston, Jamaica, Wendell’s humble beginnings led him and his family to pursue a new life in the United States.  Arriving in Tennessee with little to their name, Wendell and his siblings had a front row seat to life at the bottom of the pyramid.  As a single parent, Wendell’s mother instilled in him the importance of giving back.  Devoting himself to hard work and school, Wendell graduated with honors and vowed a life of servitude.  Wendell went on to work at the Walt Disney World Resort for 16 years in numerous roles including his time as a Disney Ambassador.  Wanting to impact the greater society, he left the Disney Company to dedicate his efforts in the real estate business with a key focus on helping countless families achieve the American dream of homeownership.  As a licensed Real Estate professional and Real Estate Investor, Wendell has sold over $75 million in real estate while mentoring and coaching numerous families and individuals through this process.  Eventually, with his faith and belief in giving back, Wendell created Housing 4 All, a non-profit organization with the sole purpose of bridging the gap to affordable housing and homeownership.  Housing 4 All focuses on aligning resources and those in need, with an ultimate goal of raising individuals, families and Veterans to self-sufficiency in life and eventually homeownership. 

Stacy Burgess

The 3 words that Stacy has patterned her life after… 

Give To Live. People often ask her, “Don’t you mean Live To Give,” her reply,  the Give TO Live mindset shows that abundance in one’s life is a cycle. To receive love, respect, and financial security, one must first learn to give those things. Stacy is a huge supporter and advocate for Housing 4All, Green Hand Project and various community sports programs.  She is the an Ambassador for the Anti Human Trafficking initiative for The La Rosa Foundation and her primary mission is to eradicate human trafficking. Stacy collaborates with her community, families and the police to save these girls each day by providing safe housing, care and counseling so that they adolescents have a chance at a new start.

Carrie-Anne Pietrowski

Carrie is from Cape Cod MA, and currently lives in South Florida. She has been working with non profits since 1999. Carrie is a small business owner, and her hope is to inspire other business owners to give back to their community through service. 

Ben Robles

Leslie Campbell

Jacqueline Arikape